Borak-Borak Indy

Borak – Borak Indy is a casual discussion session among students which covers a variety of topics especially issues that are closely related with students’ lives. For those who do not know, it is actually a new and refreshing program organized by the Malaysian Students Association of IUPUI  encourage students to not only give opinions about certain important issues and but also respect the voices of others. To get a clear idea, Borak – Borak Indy is almost a resemblance of Kopitiam Talk, a philosophical discussion organized by PUMSA, by which the first one is opened to students from Purdue University, IUPUI as well as Indiana University while the latter is targeted to students from only Purdue University. Overall, the program has served an eye-opening experience that the least can make us aware of the situations happening around us.  16991879_10154411589706794_1765732857023186688_o17039256_10154411592616794_3189721058109050601_o16836293_10154411588176794_4760602094347377618_o16836564_10154411586226794_1895735608512446124_o17015883_10154411585776794_1645937028250255191_o17039416_10154411592401794_1045183923959306791_o16991848_10154411587191794_7532996232107694892_o16904802_10154411587336794_2744100518403190049_o17038505_10154411587551794_4851987664894378797_o


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