Spring Callout 2017

Hello lovely readers!

It was the time of the year! PUMSA’s Spring Callout!

Since Day 1, everyone was excited to celebrate this great event, again. As for the graduating seniors, this might be their last callouts with us here in Purdue. We hope that all the pleasant and enjoyable experiences PUMSA had created remain etched in memories. On the other hand, for our new members, this was their first involvements with PUMSA.

Fortunately, the venue and time frame (ME1130 from 6.30- 8.30pm on the 13th January 2017) clearly suited majority of students’ schedules as we received surprisingly positive number of participants. Even before it embarked, there was a long registration queue showing how excited everyone with the meet up session. As always, we served free Latea drinks and delectable Malaysian buttermilk chicken.

We were glad to know that everyone enjoyed the special dish because we emanated love and affection in the cook, trying to please everyone. The night was started off by first playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ in the version of ‘Sit Down If’ where everybody first stood up and would only sit once a read statement was applied. Again, two winners won another free Lateas. It was a huge eye-opening revelation on how many weird and unthinkable things everyone had once regrettably(?) done *wink*.

In the interest of getting acquainted with new faces, we had short captivating introductions about their whereabouts and personal interests. Then, our respectable president, Cheng Mun Loke, presented a quick but concise summary about our amazing organization and events that we would celebrate this year for you! Yes, you! We will do our best to treat members of PUMSA with great care. Hence, get ready to actively participate in our annual Spring BBQ, Kopitiam Talk, Indiana Games (Purdue vs. IUB), Chinese New Year Dinner and many more!

Next Monday, we will be holding a Career Fair Prep at Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering from 18.00 to 19.30. We promise that this will definitely be a great session to attend!

New faces
Old faces


Registration section







Fabulous emcees
“Never Had I Ever”
Eating time



With that, till we meet next time.


Huda Jamari


Purdue University Malaysian Students Association



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