PUMSA’s Nasi Lemak Frenzy



Nasi lemak is Malaysia’s very own iconic dish that comprises of rice made fragrant with coconut milk and pandan leaves. It is traditionally accompanied by THE crispiest fried anchovies, sliced cucumbers, fried/boiled egg, and a sweet spicy paste known as “sambal”. Modern-day variations on the dish now offer an extensive array of other side dishes; in our case, we’re including fried drumstick and shrimp in our menu options!

Nasi Lemak remains as one of the cheapest meals offered in local food courts and hawker stalls until today. Cheapest and most fulfilling! The rice and all its condiments and side dishes are kept warm in a banana leaf folded into a conical pocket. But of course, where exactly would we find banana leaves on the sidewalks of West Lafayette? However, don’t be surprised if we do!

Back in Malaysia, my dad used to always make sure there was Nasi Lemak on our dining table for Breakfast every Saturday. It was a Saturday morning ritual that I almost can’t escape and EVERY time, I’ll get so drowsy afterwards. NOTE! Some advice for the first timers, feeling drowsy after a dish of Nasi Lemak is completely NORMAL. Do not panic, graciously walk to your side bed, plump up your pillow, rest your head on it and take a nap for an hour or two. That’s a good sign, your Nasi Lemak experience was unlike any other!

On another note, it is somewhat a little retarded unfortunate to have to pair your awesome Nasi Lemak with a glass of orange juice. That’s almost like an insult. Thus, the perfect drink to accompany all that awesomeness you just experienced in your mouth is to get yourself some of our nice chilled Teh Tarik (our iconic iced tea with sweet condensed milk). So, what are you waiting for? Submit your Nasi Lemak orders now! (and at the same time contribute to PUMSA’s fundraising event!)

Written by Nik Deanna


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