Borak-Borak Indy

Borak – Borak Indy is a casual discussion session among students which covers a variety of topics especially issues that are closely related with students’ lives. For those who do not know, it is actually a new and refreshing program organized by the Malaysian Students Association of IUPUI  encourage students to not only give opinions about certain important issues and but also respect the voices of others. To get a clear idea, Borak – Borak Indy is almost a resemblance of Kopitiam Talk, a philosophical discussion organized by PUMSA, by which the first one is opened to students from Purdue University, IUPUI as well as Indiana University while the latter is targeted to students from only Purdue University. Overall, the program has served an eye-opening experience that the least can make us aware of the situations happening around us.  16991879_10154411589706794_1765732857023186688_o17039256_10154411592616794_3189721058109050601_o16836293_10154411588176794_4760602094347377618_o16836564_10154411586226794_1895735608512446124_o17015883_10154411585776794_1645937028250255191_o17039416_10154411592401794_1045183923959306791_o16991848_10154411587191794_7532996232107694892_o16904802_10154411587336794_2744100518403190049_o17038505_10154411587551794_4851987664894378797_o


Lunar New Year Dinner 2017

It’s the time of the year again!!!!! Being thousand of miles away from home does not mean we cannot celebrate the amazing lunar new year. As we the PUMSA acknowledged the fact that everyone was missing home, instead of letting you locking yourselves up in a room – alone, we organized a specially made cultural dinner. Rice Cafe had never disappointed us with the menus they served. Surprisingly, we received guests not only from Malaysia but also Singapore, China, Taiwan and America. Everyone was given color paper each to write about anything -feeling, fortune, wish, and was asked to put it in an ang pow envelope. It acted similarly with fortune cookies with a little bit of our touch. During the dinner, there were quizzes competition about traditional Chinese etiquette. Congratulations to all the winners. 16665727_10154369080256794_2817456270708640729_o16700293_10154369077061794_4954477656287884165_o16707461_10154369080046794_1046275627745764443_o16602129_10154369077001794_6836238927434896726_o16602387_10154369080456794_5823254136421677228_o16587214_10154369077556794_824625378899221167_o16707502_10154369078256794_7996308465167711619_o16665525_10154369078331794_7782561897277524535_o16587267_10154369080446794_7969552422366032354_o16715950_10154369077411794_3628138115892410433_o16707271_10154369078921794_2977992907084989762_o16707701_10154369076406794_6729141392488292126_o16587251_10154369077211794_4016059239543340563_o16700280_10154369078146794_9073900119602701363_o16601836_10154369081261794_3490317719779890584_o16602226_10154369084266794_2341051705137859174_o16707496_10154369084076794_2718714596962507630_o

Malaysia Indiana Games 2017

On the February 11th, we hosted an annual sport event called Malaysia Indiana Games and it was held in France A Cordova Recreational Sports Center. There were three universities involved; Purdue University, Indiana University Bloomington as well as Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. We started off registration at 8.00 am and headed to Upper Gym court 3 for tournament with basketball being the first game followed by badminton, futsal, frisbee and dodgeball. Those who participated as volunteers and players were given free food and drinks specially made by us. The number of turnouts was beyond our expectations and everyone was so excited for the end results. This time, I would love to end this post with a meaningful sport quote ‘We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other’.




Purdue University Representatives
Indiana University Representatives


IUPUI Representatives



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